Hot Fox Rocks

By Lorilee Cracker Р2003

Fox on-air personality Allison Harte was right, in a way, when she predicted that “Jackyl is going to steal the show.”

The heavy metal band, who performed fourth in the lineup at the second annual 101.3 FM Fox Fest at the Allegan County fair grounds, did create quite a commotion under the hot sun.

But first the estimated 40,000-plus fans who turned up for the free event rocked out to a few lesser-known bands including local rockers Fled Five, the runners-up in the most recent Aris’ Hometown Rock Music Search.

Kamilla, the contest winners, followed their local heavy-metal cronies with a raw, hard set that anyone who came to see Kansas probably tuned out –if they could.

Kamilla’s strength is in performing it’s own music, which mean the band’s guttural, screaming cover of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” was a big mistake.