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Track Listing
1. Split, Sutured, and Saved
2. Free and Clear
3. Piece of Home
4. Corporate Adjustment
5. Eden
6. I Will Not Land
7. Viola
24. Warning Track #1
25. Peanut Brittle & Lollipops (Hidden Track)
26. Warning Track #2
27. Viola (Remix)

*Can only download on a computer.

Grand Rapids Band Kamilla Reunites to Help Bassist Combat Cancer

This Black Friday, Nov. 29, 2013, Grand Rapids-based metal band Kamilla will reunite with its original lineup to headline a benefit concert at The Intersection for bassist Mike Smith. Smith, a 38-year-old Grand Rapids native, has been battling Melanoma since April of 2012.

Muddy sound mix makes Korn concert a painful experience — but it was free


Muddy sound mix makes Korn concert a painful experience -- but it was free

By John Serba - 2003
Local band Kamilla was far more entertaining than any other opening act. Fronted by passionate lead singer Jason Wood, whose vulnerable vocals we offset by tension-puncturing screams, the group performed a half hour set of Deftones-meets-indie-rock tunes -- although a large portion of the fans weren't on hand to appreciate the local heroes, being sequestered in a ludicrously long line outside.
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