Muddy sound mix makes Korn concert a painful experience — but it was free

By John Serba – 2003

Big band, small venue

Such was the situation friday night when Korn, a band that has played Van Andel Arena for it’s last three trips to Grand Rapids, laid waste to the 1,500 capacity Orbit Room playing a free show sponsored by WKLQ-FM (94.5) and a major beer company (Budweiser)

“Those bearing witness to this special concert had to endure one of the most excruciating, ice-cream headache sound mixes in recent history.”

“Somewhat miraculously, those familiar with the bands material managed to decipher the majority of the songs.”

“Another ‘treat’ came after Driod – a batch of sub-par Limp Bizkit clones — performed, when Fieldy’s Dreams played a three song set. Fieldy proved to be a painfully mediocre MC (he was backed by members of Droid)”

Local band Kamilla was far more entertaining than any other opening act. Fronted by passionate lead singer Jason Wood, whose vulnerable vocals we offset by tension-puncturing screams, the group performed a half hour set of Deftones-meets-indie-rock tunes — although a large portion of the fans weren’t on hand to appreciate the local heroes, being sequestered in a ludicrously long line outside.